Precast Segmental Headwalls Support New River Crossing

Sasabe, Arizona

The Santa Cruz River runs 184 miles from the high grasslands of San Rafael Valley east of Patagonia, Arizona, across the rugged terrain of Santa Cruz and Nogales in Sonora, Mexico, before ending back in Arizona near Kino Springs. Much of the waterway is a dry riverbed that comes to life when it rains. At varying points along the river are bridges and passageways for pedestrians, motor vehicles, and wildlife to cross.

In Sasabe, Arizona, the US Army Corp of Engineers oversaw the installation of a new river crossing that called for precast concrete structures. Jensen Precast specializes in building lasting structures for a variety of passageways. Its facility in Tucson, Arizona, manufactured and delivered precast concrete segmental headwalls and cutoff walls.


“For the Santa Cruz River Crossing job near Baboquivari Road in Sasabe, we made precast concrete segmental headwalls with cutoff walls of pretty significant size and depth,” says John Suor, Jensen Precast Tucson Outside Sales Representative. “It was a first for us here at the Jensen Precast facility in Tucson, Arizona. We do a lot of specialized custom projects. We’re always happy to show what we’re capable of doing.”

Jobs that require custom built precast concrete, no matter the size or location, are what continue to grow Jensen Precast’s customer portfolio. When your next project seems too big to tackle, consider speaking with a Jensen Precast engineer for a bankable solution.

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