Grease Interceptor Clears Up FOG for Restaurant Caterer

Reno, Nevada

Dishing up savory food for eager customers is what restaurants and caterers do best. Along with the tasty morsels that keep patrons coming back, though, are the byproducts of preparing certain foods. Fat, oil, grease, and grit—otherwise known as FOG—must be disposed of properly to meet food service standards. Seeing through this FOG means having topnotch equipment to capture and remove the constant waste.

Jensen Precast has 40-plus years of experience in providing precast concrete interceptors and separators to food service businesses. When the Tannenbaum Event Center on Mt. Rose Highway in Reno, Nevada, needed to upgrade its FOG disposal system, Jensen Precast in Sparks, Nevada, manufactured and delivered a 1500 gallon grease interceptor.

“Tannenbaum is an elegant Nevadan lodge that offers event space to a wide variety of customers,” says Kellen Easter, Jensen Precast Sparks Sales Manager. “We manufactured and installed a precast concrete grease interceptor for the Roundabout catering team, which handles all the meals for the venue.”

Like most restaurants and catering businesses, Roundabout uses grease interceptors at its multiple locations to dispose of FOG. Jensen Precast is a leader in manufacturing small to large solutions for the food industry for regulatory, public health, and operative goals. Its grease interceptors are watertight and delivered with the company’s own boomtruck cranes. Thousands of food service establishments use Jensen Precast grease interceptors.

Regarding the Tannenbaum installation, the contractor, Pat Pinjuv, President of Pinecrest Construction & Development, had this to say about working with Jensen Precast: “We installed a grease interceptor for the Tannenbaum restaurant on Mt. Rose Highway. The scheduling and the product turned out wonderful. Good people, good products.”

If your project calls for a high quality interceptor or separator, select the size you need and add it to your quote.

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