Jensen Precast designs standard, modified standard, and custom products to meet your exact project needs. Our inhouse team of professional engineers specialize in designing precast concrete solutions for a wide variety of applications. Whether you need a small utility box or a massive stormwater system, we have the expertise and the experience to design it, build it, and deliver it to your jobsite.

What can we design for you?


standard manhole components against a natural backgroundWe offer thousands of standard products designed to meet the specifications and plans of local municipalities, government agencies, and utility companies. Selecting an agency approved product from Jensen Precast assures contractors and owners have the most effective and available options. Our products follow the most up to date ASTM standards. Many of the products we offer as standard have been designed specifically for an industry or agency requested application.

We carry a broad inventory of standard products available for deliver from or pickup at our facilities. To find an approved standard product and download the related drawing, go to our list of Agencies. If an approved standard does not exist, we offer many other products to meet the needs of your project. For other standard products, enter the product name or type into our Search feature.

Modified Standard

When a project calls for only modest modifications to standard products, you can save on cost and time without impacting the outcome. During the design stage, for example, engineers can adjust project specifications to include standard products with modified components. During the build stage, contractors can install standard products more efficiently and still spend less time and cost by adding the modified components.

Precast concrete products are typically round, square, and rectangle. They come in a variety of standard dimensions and heights in 1’ tall increments, with common riser sections of 6” and 12” and sometimes smaller 3” sections or larger 24” segments. By selecting a standard dimension and using modular components, we can usually configure a standard product to meet the project needs with less lead time.

Considerations and options include sizes, loading conditions, access, openings, inserts, concrete materials, reinforcing, coatings/liners, sealants, sumps, and vent. Read more about modified standard products we offer and the applicable ASTM standard specification in When to Choose Standard vs Custom.


One of the biggest benefits of having an inhouse team of professional engineers for our customers is the ability to provide custom solutions to often complex needs and within a limited timeframe and budget. Along with standard and modified standard products, Jensen Precast designs structures to meet the highly specific application needs of project owners, engineers, and contractors.

We offer top level services for all custom jobs:

  • Get detailed 3D site designs expertly configured to your specific project variables.
  • Keep your job on track with our attentive and experience industry professionals.
  • Gain piece of mind with our complete, accurate, and timely proposals.
  • Deliver detailed bid proposals with quantified information and competitive pricing.
  • Leverage our design and implementation expertise for all aspects of your project to save time and resources.

Ready to start your project? Engage directly with one of our engineers to discuss the requirements for your project.

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