Interceptors and Separators

Interceptors and separators are precast concrete structures that prevent blockages and sanitary overflows in sewer systems by removing solids and impurities from wastewater. Restaurants, hotels, schools, gas stations, laundry mats, and other businesses use our systems to effectively eliminate fat, oil, grease, grit, sand, and lint from private and public water systems.
Jensen Precast interceptors and separators have been removing FOG from wastewater for more than 40 years. Our BioConcrete products provide lasting watertight solutions for permanent protection against microbial induced corrosion and bacteria colonization.

Product availability varies by location. If you need a product immediately, contact us to ensure availability.

If you need modifications to a standard product or a complete custom solution, we will work to accommodate your request in a timely manner. Please provide us with a few details about your project. Contact us now.


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