Jensen Precast Redi-Rock Walls Abate Tahoe Shore Erosion

Tahoe City, California

Formed 2 million or so years ago, Lake Tahoe hosts about 3 million visitors a year to its clear cobalt blue waters in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. If you’re lucky enough to live on or near the lakeshore, Tahoe offers stunning views, serene relaxation, and access to 120 million acre feet of water.

Jensen Precast works with businesses and residences to build the best possible structures to get in and around Lake Tahoe’s immense presence on the California-Nevada border. One of the more common requests is retaining walls to address shoreline erosion abatement. As a licensed manufacturer of Redi-Rock Integrated Wall Solutions, Jensen Precast can provide lasting solutions for homeowners to protect and beautify their investments.

“We had residential customer in Tahoe City, California, who needed a solution for a dock on the lakeshore,” says Derek Goins, Jensen Precast Sparks Outside Sales Representative. “We manufactured Redi-Rock blocks at our Sparks, Nevada, facility for a dockside retaining wall. The wall will help abate shoreline erosion. We also used Redi-Rock to build a staircase leading down to the dock. We installed a total of 799 blocks for this project.”

Besides the attractiveness of the Redi-Rock structure, it was built without the need of a geogrid. Jensen Precast built tall gravity walls that withstand the elements of weather, wear, and weight. The owner of this Lake Tahoe home can expect the walls to last 100 or so years.

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