Above Ground Electrical Building Gets Upgrade

Laughlin, Nevada

For the 7,300 residents of Laughlin, Nevada, upgrading a local lift station would mean a cleaner and more efficient way to handle the population’s wastewater and sewage concerns. Lift stations are designed to move waste materials from a lower to higher elevation without costly excavation. The $175,000 price tag for an electrical building designed to support the Laughlin Lift Station No. 2 Rehabilitation project would be money well spent for years to come.

The project consists of repairing and relining the lift station’s wet and dry wells, installing an electrical building, installing associated instrumentation equipment necessary for the lift station’s operation, installing a flow meter, cathodic protection, and site yard lighting, replacing a chemical tank, and replacing suction and discharge valves and appurtenant lift station piping.

Jensen Precast built the 125,000 pound housing for the electrical building at its manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. The precast concrete above ground utility structure measured 34’W x 13’L x 10’H.

“We poured the concrete wall panels first, added metal embeds into the panels, recessed the embed plates, stood up the panels with braces, welded the panels together, and added caulking to seal the joints,” explains Ryan Black, Jensen Precast Las Vegas Plant Manager. “For the interior finish we put in insulation and vinyl flooring. When you have electrical buildings, the vinyl adds an antistatic element to preserve the equipment.”

In addition to the electrical building, Jensen Precast supplied the pump vaults for the structure. Rounding out the project, the contractor installed a flow meter, manhole, chemical tank, lighting, and various other components.

Video courtesy of CEI.

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