Precast Junction Structure Upgrades Utility Housing

City of Mesa
Mesa, California

Maintaining infrastructure across the United States is a constant challenge. Municipalities spend a lot of time and money making sure everything works like a charm. Among the many projects cities tackle on a regular basis are underground utility structures. They may be out of sight, but the operations under every great city includes precast concrete.

Jensen Precast offers thousands of solutions for underground infrastructure needs for municipalities. “The City of Mesa contracted Jensen Precast to install a new underground junction structure at the corner of East Main Street and Miller Street,” says Ryan Hamilton, Jensen Precast Phoenix Materials Manager. “We work with the City on a number of projects, and this one went smooth and fully met expectations.”

Jensen Precast is an approved provider of precast concrete products and services for municipalities across the Western United States. The next time your job calls for an underground infrastructure solution, contact a Jensen Precast engineer or sales representative to get your project moving.

Product: Precast concrete junction structure. Made in United States.

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