Jensen Detention Reservoir Captures Stormwater Runoff

Lakewood, California

Lakewood, California, is one of several cities in Los Angeles County working to ensure pollutant discharges from the Los Cerritos Channel Watershed meet water quality goals set by the US  environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To comply with total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) of metals and organic pollutants, Lakewood emphasized dry weather urban runoff, stormwater capture, and infiltration or use, rather than treatment.

Effectively capturing stormwater, promoting its infiltration into groundwater, and leveraging its treated runoff as irrigation water meant landing the right design in the right place for the Lakewood Stormwater and Runoff Capture Project. To comply with EPA guidelines for TMDLs in the Los Cerritos Channel Watershed and reach goals to reduce overall potable water use, Lakewood chose Mayfair Park as the location due to its proximity to Los Cerritos’ Clark Channel segment and a state of the art  stormwater storage system for the design.

Jensen Precast designed and manufactured 343 modular sections and 252 cover and base slabs to install a Jensen Detention Reservoir at 180’W x 307’L x 12’H under Mayfair Park in central Lakewood.

“At nearly 14 acre feet, the Jensen Detention Reservoir in Lakewood can store over 4.5 million gallons of water,” says Jay DeVries, Jensen Precast Outside Sales Representative. ”Alternating between rows of box culvert and top-bottom slab sections reduced the amount of concrete per cubic foot required to attain a target storage capacity within a given three dimensional space. We produced roughly 32 products a day for this job.”

The Jensen Detention Reservoir captures dry weather runoff to eliminate metals and other pollutants in the Clark Channel segment during dry weather and first flush wet weather runoff to reduce pollutant load downstream. It also reduces potable water use in Lakewood for park and open space irrigation.

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