Two Septic Tanks, One Delivery: Boomtruck Accelerates Project

Reno, Nevada

When a residential development with a high water table on Thomas Creek Road in Reno, Nevada, was marauded with a few wet winter storms, soil saturation was on the menu. Mud is the enemy of construction work. It stalls equipment, tracks everywhere, and creates headaches for any developer intent on adhering to a timeline.

After workers at Max-Ex Inc., an excavation company based out of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, found themselves beholden to nature’s fickle sword, they needed to figure out a way to install two septic tanks in two separate locations on one sprawling property.

All before the ground thawed.

“Once the top layer starts to melt, this site becomes a muddy, muddy mess,” says Shane Kirschner, a boomtruck delivery driver for Jensen Precast in Sparks, Nevada. “So we had to get the delivery done early in the morning while the ground was still frozen.”

As the sun barely peaked over the horizon, a Jensen Precast boomtruck hauling two precast concrete septic tanks crawled onto the frozen jobsite. With the threat of messy mud looming, workers at Max-Ex required more than just a delivery. They needed someone to help them set the heavy septic tanks as well.

Two Septic Tanks, One Delivery

Richard Frye is a site supervisor with Max-Ex. He understands the logistics of moving large products to, from, and at project sites.

“We’ve had it before where products are just dropped off, and we have to move and set it with our own stuff,” Frye says. “It’s difficult. You have to get the machine super close, and it only has so much reach. So it’s nice with the boomtruck to tell him to move the tank a little bit this way or a little bit that way.”

Since the residential project site required two septic tanks, a Jensen Precast boomtruck was affixed with a pup trailer to increase payload. Developers love to ditch the logistics nightmare of managing two behemoth boomtrucks on a narrow jobsite. A pup trailer is a handy tool that saves companies valuable time and money.

More Payload, Fewer Headaches

“When we do these transfers with the second trailer, we don’t have to be on the jobsite,” Kirschner says. “We can go ahead and find another spot off the jobsite to park our trailer and bring the second product in when it’s ready. It makes it pretty simple.”

Not only did Max-Ex beat the sun and avoid a muddy drawn-out mess. It avoided wear and tear on expensive equipment not as fit for the job as a state-of-the-art boomtruck.

Bottom line: Don’t use a forklift for a boomtruck’s job.

“As long as we have our holes prepped, having them set it is way easier than using our own equipment,” Frye says. “The rigging is there. So you don’t have to worry about the rigging. The driver has his own set job and can rig it all up. All we have to do is tell him where to put it, he sets it, and we’re off.”

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