Sand/Oil Interceptors Drive Eco-Friendly Car Washes

Reno, Nevada

Washing your car at home is harmful to the environment. It wastes water while introducing soap, oil, rust, and grease into stormwater structures unequipped to treat pollutants. Stormwater often drains directly into local streams, rivers, and lakes.

Washing your car at a commercial car wash is better. Federal law mandates that commercially produced wastewater drains into the sewer system with a treatment facility as the ultimate destination.

Washing your car at a location that employs a precast concrete interceptor is best. Not only do interceptors aid in reclaiming and recycling water to reduce waste, but they also treat wastewater locally on site, significantly reducing the amount of total suspended solids (TSS) that enter sewer systems.

So when Surf Thru Express, an eco-friendly car wash chain with locations in five states, broke ground on its third location in Reno, Nevada, the first products installed were four 1,500 gallon precast concrete sand/oil interceptors engineered, manufactured, and delivered by Jensen Precast in Sparks, Nevada.

Interceptors adhere to best management practices (BMP) while playing a pivotal role in Surf Thru Expresses commitment to the WaterSavers program, an initiative started by the car wash industry to conserve water.

“The interceptors are crucial,” says Ron Cook, Nevada Area Manager for Surf Thru Express. “Without them, you can’t get the water clean enough to recycle it.”

And recycling water is paramount. Combining modern car wash technology with good old-fashioned gravity separation saves money and preserves a precious resource scarce in the high desert of Northern Nevada.

“WaterSavers car washes use only 40 gallons – or 151.5 liters – or less of fresh water per car wash,” according to the International Car Wash Association. “Less than the typical home washing machine.”

A feat that would be impossible without precast concrete sand/oil interceptors on site to clean the water used to clean cars and trucks.

Precast concrete interceptors and separators go beyond aiding organizations in saving the environment. Municipal governments and developers value these products because they prevent erosion in sewer systems by removing sediments that clog and break down pipes.

Bob Cobun, Superintendent and Site Supervisor with Biggest Little City Builders, or BLC Builders, in Reno, agrees. When his company started renovating a Chevron car wash as part of a larger development, including a restaurant, he knew installing precast concrete interceptors was a no brainer.

“I don’t know of any new places going up like this that don’t get these precast interceptors,” Cobun says. “They’re good for the sewer system. We actually installed a Jensen Precast interceptor for grease in the restaurant too.”

Extending the lifespan of vital sewer systems, preventing pollution, conserving precious resources, and ultimately protecting the environment are why precast concrete interceptors and separators are essential for many industries.

Surf Thru Express and its core company values reflect that thinking. Without sand-oil interceptors, the company would be unable to fulfill its declared responsibility to Mother Earth.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Cook says. “It’s saving water and putting clean water back into the sewer. It’s definitely a responsibility that we have.”

Wash, reclaim, treat, recycle, repeat. A noble process car washes can only accomplish with the help of precast concrete interceptors and separators.

If your project calls for a car wash treatment system to help reduce TSS in wastewater, select your sand/oil interceptors from Jensen Precast now.

To go over product sizing, availability for your project deadline, and delivery and setting at your jobsite, contact us.  

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