Precast Utility Structures Advance Telecom Rerouting

California High-Speed Rail
Fresno, California

Construction Package 1 of the California High-Speed Rail covers 32 miles from Avenue 19 in Madera County to East American Avenue in Fresno County. It includes 12 grade separations, two viaducts, one tunnel, and one river crossing. It also encounters extensive underground utility infrastructure. The California High-Speed Rail Authority had to relocate six main telecommunication junctions to make way for the bullet train.

Jensen Precast engineered a design-build solution of 142 precast concrete utility structures. “Jensen Precast was commissioned to engineer a total design-build solution of precast concrete utility structures to accommodate the new telecom junctures,” says Robert Pool, Jensen Precast Fresno Site Manager. “Along with manufacturing new junctions, we were asked to increase the size of the infrastructure to allow for future telecom needs. We significantly upsized the capacity to house more telecom equipment and cable than available in the previous location.”

The solution allows the California High-Speed Rail Authority to complete Construction Package 1 on a pathway suitable for the new rail system, enables continued telecom services for Fresno, California, residents, and provides additional capacity for future telecom needs at the new underground facility.


Product: Precast concrete telecom utility structures 12’W x 12’L x 15’H. Made in United States.

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