Inlets and Junction Boxes

Catch basins and inlets are precast concrete drainage structures that collect, filter, and deliver stormwater runoff from impermeable surfaces into underground conveyance systems. Commonly built into street curbs, sidewalks, and parking lots, our catch basins and inlets are regularly used by commercial enterprises and government agencies to meet local and state regulatory needs.

Jensen Precast catch basins and inlets are available in a variety of standard sizes, with most models already approved by municipal agencies. We also offer custom solutions based on your project needs. Galvanized frames, grates, and covers are available to meet ADA requirements.

Product availability varies by location. If you need a product immediately, contact us to ensure availability.

If you need modifications to a standard product or a complete custom solution, we will work to accommodate your request in a timely manner. Please provide us with a few details about your project. Contact us now.


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