Model CAS H20

Cover Assembly, Steel, Double Door, H20 Incidental

These hatch assemblies are constructed of steel and available with double door access. Assemblies are available as adjustable torsion, drop-in style covers (AT), or cast-in torsion (CT). We use a steel frame and top plate, with either a diamond plate or TraxPlate™ slip-resistant surface. These covers are engineered and constructed for pedestrian loading. Features include …

Features & Options

Top Plate Options

  • DP: Diamond Plate
  • SR: Slip Resistant


  • “Z” Frame, 3″ Above Vault, 6″ OA


  • 1″ Dia. Pin 90 / 180 Degree

Latch Options

  • 5B: Penta Head Bolt Down
  • 5C: Penta Head Cam Style
  • 6B: Hex Head Bolt Down
  • 6C: Hex Head Cam Style

Lift Assistance

  • Torsion Rod

Finish Options

  • G: Galvanized
  • P: Painted
  • R: Raw

Hardware Options

  • Z: Zinc Plated Steel
  • S: Stainless Steel
Steel Traffic Hatch
Steel Access Hatch Chart - Traffic - H20 Incidental - Standard Sizes
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Justin Caufield
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