Stormwater Systems


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Stormwater Treatment

Treat total petroleum hydrocarbons, total suspended solids, heavy metals, nutrients, and gross pollutants. Capture and remove 100% of trash and debris to meet requirements.

Products: Hydrodynamic Separators, Biofiltration Systems, Oil Water Separators, Sedimentation Systems

Volume Control

Meet volume control requirements using small and large scale detention and infiltration systems to manage storage, release, runoff, irrigation, and erosion goals.

Products: Detention & Infiltration Reservoirs, Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns

Stormwater LID Infiltration

Low Impact Development

Minimize environmental impact on your site through biological filtration processes that efficiently remove TSS, metals, nutrients, oil, and grease from stormwater runoff.

Products: Biofiltration Systems, Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns


Explore best management practice options

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Underground Stormwater Detention and Infiltration


Address the increased runoff that development creates by storing peak flows, matching pre-development runoff rates, preventing flooding, and protecting conveyance systems. Arrange our systems in a variety of modular design configurations to meet stormwater volume control requirements.


With an ability to treat higher stormwater flows than conventional biofiltration units, the StormVault Biofiltration System is a simple and highly versatile stormwater treatment solution for meeting water quality standards as a low impact development best management practice.


Jensen Precast High Velocity Interceptors (JPHV) are engineered to efficiently remove all types of sediment as well as total suspended solids, oil and grease.


Typically, stormwater treatment is managed separately from volume control. The StormVault offers treatment and volume control in a single unit.

Diversion Structures

Provide flow control in conjunction with any of the other stormwater management offerings to mitigate high flows and maintain the effectiveness of your water quality Best Management Practices (BMPs).


Capture 100% of trash and debris and treat stormwater runoff to meet agency requirements for total suspended solids, heavy metals, nutrients, total petroleum hydrocarbons, and gross pollutants with a Jensen Deflective Separator (JDS) available in different sizes and configurations.

Oil Water Separator


If oil, grease, hydrocarbons or petroleum are pollutants of concern on your project, we offer a variety of coalescing systems to meet treatment or removal goals.

Rainwater Harvesting Package


Use precast concrete structures as a rainwater harvesting cistern to capture and store water from storm events for future reuse. We offer complete rainwater harvesting packages including upstream pretreatment units upstream and downstream dispersal systems.


Infiltrate stormwater runoff using vertical wells designed to control stormwater volume and promote groundwater recharge.

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Build a treatment train and maximize control over pollutants.

Incorporate two or more conveyance, treatment, or volume control products into your design to create a treatment train.
Underground Stormwater Detention and Infiltration

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California State Water Boards have mandated agencies to reduce trash load from stormwater systems. We understand the challenges associated with these projects and can provide full capture solutions to remove trash and debris.

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