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Stormwater systems leverage pump stations to manage flow, runoff, flooding, and discharge, along with collection, detention, and retention. 

Seamlessly integrate a pump station into your stormwater project with a packaged or custom solution designed by Jensen Precast engineers.


Sewer systems depend on pump stations to move wastewater from lower levels to higher levels, macerate light to heavy solids, and manage flooding during storm events and backup from clogging issues.

Jensen Precast engineers pump station solutions to handle any size job with expert advice and consultation from our professionals.


Industrial firms need pump stations for disposal of wastewater, chemicals, solvents, slurries, and other process fluids generated during product research, testing, processing, and manufacturing.

Ensure your project meets regulatory approval with a Jensen Precast pump station designed and engineered specifically for industrial needs .


Residential housing, whether single family homes or multiple unit complexes, require pump stations to solve everyday wastewater demands.

Easily install a Jensen Precast packaged or custom pump station solution approved for municipal use in sizes ideal for houses, apartments, condominiums, and care facilities.


Explore packaged solution options

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Packaged Pump Stations

Engineered Pump Stations

Every pump station delivered by Jensen Precast is designed and engineered to precise specifications based on your project needs. Whether prepackaged or custom built, our pump stations are durable, dependable, and affordable. Our pumps, valve vaults, access hatches, control panels, and other system components are Made in the USA and ready to order.

Sewage Grinder Vault

Grinder systems

If your project calls for maceration of heavy to light solids to ensure flow through and avoid clogging, Jensen Precast grinder vaults can handle any obstruction. We offer standalone units or integration with pump equipment. Headworks applications with augers and screening systems are also available depending on your full project needs.

Mini-Muni Pump Stations

Our Mini-Muni Pump Station is an ideal, fast, and affordable installation at single family dwellings and small to medium office and care facilities. Everything you need in one state of the art package, the Mini-Muni is built with high quality precast concrete and durable pump materials for a variety of municipal needs. Ask our onsite engineers about your project specifications.


Keep your project on track and within budget with a Mini-Muni Pump Station. Easy to install and priced affordably, our smallest pump station is the ideal workhorse for most municipal homes and offices.


Wet wipes, paper towels, disinfecting cloths, and other fibrous materials wreak havoc on sewer systems. When wastewater pipes back up, go with a grinder vault to unclog everything.  

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