Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Capture, store, and reuse solutions for rainwater harvesting

Jensen Precast Rainwater Harvesting Systems provide a small to large scale best management practice to reduce stormwater runoff and increase available irrigatable water. Built with durable precast concrete, these rainwater harvesting systems can be configured to specific project goals while meeting compliancy requirements for intended use. Harvested water can be used for localized irrigation needs or slowly released into the ground via infiltration. Standard rainwater harvesting system sizes range from 500 to 50,000 gallons, whereas larger customized systems may consist of 1 acre-feet or more of cistern storage capacity.


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Jensen Rainwater Harvesting Cistern Standard Detail 500 - 3000 Gallons JRWH JRWH

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How It Works

  • Rainwater is collected in rainwater harvesting system during a storm event and diverted into an underground precast concrete cistern. The collected rainwater passes through a pretreatment unit, such as a Jensen Deflective Separator, prior to entering the cistern.
  • Collected rainwater is stored in the rainwater harvesting system cistern for immediate or future use.
  • Stored rainwater is used for local landscape irrigation needs, other greywater applications, or infiltration to promote groundwater recharge.
  • Along with collection, pretreatment, and storage systems, Jensen Water Resources designs and supplies infrastructure and components necessary for reuse, including pumps, piping, valves, level sensing, controls, enclosures, and monitoring equipment.
  • Additional treatment options can be installed, such as UV disinfection or advanced filtration, which may be required based on the reuse application.





Groundwater Recharge

Fire Suppression

Other Greywater Applications

Delivering value at every stage of the project lifecycle


  • Receive typical and site specific plan and profile drawings for all Jensen Precast Rainwater Harvesting Systems with engineer value estimates.
  • Leverage our readily available tools to support storage and runoff calculations, size our systems, and satisfy rainwater harvesting system management goals.


  • Create competitive bids with quantified, specific information and pricing for rainwater harvesting systsems.
  • Get installation weights and guidance to support estimation of your installation effort.
  • No hidden installation requirements or costs.


  • Complete your projects on time with well constructable plans inherent into all Jensen Precast products for installations that are quick and easy.
  • Secure, safe delivery and timely setting of your stormwater management systems with our expert drivers and delivery personnel.
  • Gain peace of mind with our easy to maintain systems that require minimal upkeep and safe access post install.