Mini-Muni Pump Stations

Small Scale Municipal-Grade Grinder Pump-Lift Stations

Concise, precise, and affordable, the Mini-Muni is a submersible grinder pump-lift station featuring either a 2 hp grinder pump, or a 0.5 hp 2″ non-clog pump, with a vortex impeller, and cast iron housing. Ideal for domestic, commercial, institutional, and light industrial sewage, this pump station is ideal for contractors looking to add a wastewater or stormwater solution to a low usage environment. Our Mini-Muni product is easy to set up, maintain, and monitor by building owners, caretakers, or operations personnel. Flow rates up to 80 GPM and headworks up to 30’. Broad design flexibility with the choice of basin configurations. Jensen Precast Mini-Muni pump stations come with easy to use controls paired with reliable submersible pumps to eliminate routine maintenance service calls. Available in duplex 2 hp grinder configurations for wastewater, and simplex or duplex 0.5 hp non-clog configurations for stormwater applications.


Configure Product and Download Drawings

Pumps Max GPM Max TDH Power Supply Download Drawings
1.25 Duplex 30 25 ft. 240V+Single Phase MM-148-DG1 MM-148-DG1
1.25 Duplex 30 25ft 200V+ Three Phase MM-148-DG3 MM-148-DG3
2in. Duplex 50 60ft 240V+ Single Phase MM-248-DG1 MM-248-DG1
2in. Duplex 50 60ft 200V+ Three Phase MM-248-DG3 MM-248-DG3

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Pumps Max GPM Max TDH Power Supply Download Drawings
2in. Duplex 80 30ft 115V+ Single Phase MM-248-DN-1 MM-248-DN-1
2in. Duplex 80 30ft. 200V+ Three Phase MM-248-DN3 MM-248-DN3
2In. Simplex 80 30ft 115V+ Single Phase MM-248-SN1 MM-248-SN1
2in Simplex 80 30ft 200V+ Three Phase MM-248-SN3 MM-248-SN3

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How It Works

1. Wastewater or stormwater flow via gravity from a residential, business, or municipal sources through underground pipes into the pump station wet well positioned at a lower elevation.
2. When the fluid rises to a calculated level in the wet well, a mechanical float switch triggers the pump to start discharging the wastewater out of the wet well.
3. The pump lifts the fluid upward and out of the wet well through a pressurized piping and valve system.
4. The fluid travels onward until it reaches a point of connection with a main storm or sewer system via gravity.
5. The main sewer or storm drain system conveys the fluid to its final discharge location at a detention reservoir, infiltration basin, or treatment facility for reuse.



Homes, condominiums, apartments, and subdivisions


Commercial Institutional

Medical facilities, hospitals, dental offices, care homes, and hospice centers

Sports complexes, golf courses, and community recreational facilities

Shopping malls, technology campuses, and financial business parks


Light Industrial

Warehouses, Shipping and Distribution Centers, Car Washes, Home Improvement Stores, Consumer electronics, home appliance, and other retail businesses


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