Diversion Structures

Control Flows and Maximize BMP Effectiveness

Provide flow control in conjunction with any of the other stormwater management offerings to mitigate potential issues associated with high flows and maintain the effectiveness of your water quality treatment unit or Best Management Practice (BMP). Diversion structures protect and increase the efficiency of BMPs by allowing only the water quality flow (treatment flow) to enter the BMP. Flow rates greater than the water quality flow are allowed to bypass the BMP.


Configure Product and Download Drawings

Model Diameter Download Drawings
JD-MH48 48
JD-MH60 60
JD-MH72 72
JD-MH84 84

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Model Width Length Download Drawings
JD-V466 4'-0" 6'-6" JD-4x6.5 JD-4x6.5

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How It Works

Stormwater enters the structure via the inlet pipe and encounters a weir. The weir height is set at a predetermined elevation, in order to direct the treatment flow (water quality flow) into a BMP. Jensen Water Resources diversion structures can be manufactured with an adjustable height weir, allowing for fine-tuning and setting the final weir elevation in the field as necessary. The weir crest is set at an elevation such that flow greater than the treatment flow overtops the weir and bypasses the BMP, thereby ensuring that the BMP operates efficiently and effectively, and that previously captured pollutants are not re-suspended.


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