Onsite Wastewater


Understand treatment and disposal challenges

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Treat residential wastewater in any location when access to a municipal source is unavailable or proves too costly to install.

Jensen Precast has scalable systems that fit into small or hard to reach areas to treat and disperse wastewater effectively within budget.


Remove wastewater challenges from commercial enterprises where a self-contained onsite system makes more sense.

Jensen Precast offers a variety of options for businesses seeking a start to finish solution for removing, treating, and dispersing wastewater. Ideal for camp grounds, golf courses, country clubs, wineries, distilleries, corporate retreat centers, processing plants, and food service providers.


Service multiple family unit communities by installing onsite systems with capacity to meet expanding wastewater needs.

Jensen Precast has years of experience working with resort, condominium, hotel, and apartment communities on complex wastewater issues.


Explore the best onsite solutions

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Primary Treatment

Every high quality onsite wastewater system begins with a primary treatment solution. Precast concrete tanks provide higher structural integrity, lower costs, and faster lead times for onsite system demands. Jensen Precast offers tanks ranging from 1000 to 25,000 gallons to service all sizes of projects. We've been designing, engineering, and manufacturing watertight wastewater systems since 1968.

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Dosing chambers are tanks that store retreated wastewater for periodic discharge to subsequent treatment units or disposal areas. Siphons are mounted in the tank to discharge the accumulated liquid. Jensen Precast chambers employ siphons to automate the process. There is no need for mechanical or electrical controls. The size of the siphon is determined by the average flow rate desired.

Click here to see available components including dosing tanks, control panels, alarms, pumps, floats and siphons.

Advanced Treatment

We produce advanced treatment systems that extend the capabilities of our precast septic tanks for removing pollutants from wastewater. We provide solutions for reducing any combination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS), total nitrogen, and odor for both commercial/industrial and residential sites to meet effluent water quality goals. Coupled with primary treatment and dosing, the advanced treatment process completes the process to remove, treat, and disperse wastewater contaminants in highly efficient standalone units.

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Dispersing the treated effluent is the final step in the onsite wastewater treatment process. Several options are available and may be dependent on site space and location. Homeowners, businesses, and community planners may have different goals for a system. Local standards, recurring maintenance, budget considerations, and environmental regulations can impact selection.

Available components include dosing tanks, pumps, control panels, alarms, floats, distribution boxes, leaching chambers, and pit liners

Watertight Tank Series Options

Choose from 1000 to 25,000 gallons

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