Utility Agency Specifications for Access Hatches & Covers

We manufacture thousands of access hatches, doors, covers, and grates for utility companies and agencies each year. Whether your next project calls for a standard size or specified design requirement, you can count on Jensen MetalTech to provide the knowledge and expertise trusted by utility companies and agencies throughout the United States.

Why should utilities use non-slip floor plating on access hatches?

Safety is the number one priority for utility companies.

Whether it is the safety of their employees, customers, or the public. There are many simple hazards that can be avoided by taking the necessary precautions. An every day product, such as a standard vault hatch or floor access door can quickly become a serious safety hazard.

TraxPlate, a metal safety flooring manufactured by Jensen MetalTech, may be used to reduce slipping hazards on utility covers, access hatches and other products exposed to pedestrian or vehicular traffic. TraxPlate is an easy, and cost effective way to improve the safety of utility product installations.

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Electric and Power

Each Year, we manufacture thousands of access hatches, doors, covers, and grates for utility companies and agencies. Jensen MetalTech provides our customers with industry leading engineering designs and load testing to insure maximum service life and minimize problems.  We manufacture steel and aluminum access hatches, doors, covers, and grates for electric, power, and other energy related utility projects including:

  • Electric Distribution & Transmission Pullbox, Manhole, Trench, & Vault Covers


Jensen MetalTech manufactures steel and aluminum access hatches, doors, covers and lids that meet many of the major communications company specifications.  It is our goal to be the number one provider of fabricated metal products for telecom and fiber optic applications:

  • Telecom & Fiber Optic Pullbox, Manhole, & Vault Covers


Our hatches are suitable for many applications required by water companies and municipal water departments. We design hatches and access covers for a variety of new construction and retrofit applications such as:

  • Water Meter Vault Access Covers
  • Pressure Reducing Station Access Covers
  • Fire Service Vault Access Hatches
  • Water Meter Box Lids with Reader Access

Other options

We can provide a variety of options on any of our products such as:

> Spring Assist Doors For Easier Opening

> Various Locking And Security Features

> Various Ways Of Marking And Identification

> TraxPlate Slip Resistant Surface

Jensen MetalTech will custom build to any specified design or requirement.

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