How it Works: Coalescing Oil Separators

Coalescing Oil Separators offer improved performance over traditional interceptors and sedimentation tanks. Jensen Precast coalescing plate separators and media packs specifically target the removal of oil, grease, or total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) for stormwater or wastewater applications. Accelerated sedimentation is also promoted inside the separator. Jensen Precast oil water separators are engineered with performance, maintenance, and durability in mind. Our coalescing products are housed in Jensen Precast manufactured concrete for the most structurally sound, corrosion-resistant, and watertight installations. As a result, our coalescing oil separators offer increased flexibility to meet any coalescing plate and media pack separator project needs.

  1. Stormwater or wastewater containing oil, grease, or other total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) enters the underground precast concrete coalescing separator through the inlet pipe.
  2. As fluid enters the first chamber, preliminary sedimentation and oil removal occur.
  3. Fluid passes through coalescing media packs or plate separators that remove oil, grease, and TPH from the source fluid. Accelerated sedimentation is also promoted inside the separator.
  4. Accumulated pollutants are prevented from escaping during subsequent or high-intensity storm events by sorbent mats, specialized plumbing configurations, and baffles.
  5. Treated effluent is allowed to exit the coalescing separator.
  6. Periodic maintenance is required to remove the accumulated pollutants, clean the coalescing units, and replace sorbent mats.

Coalescing Oil Separators function based on Stokes Law. Coalescing devices shorten the distance an oil particle must rise or sediment must fall thereby speeding up the removal process. Coalescing devices come in different configurations. We offer two designs: Media-Pack Separators and Plate Separators.

Our media pack separators are made with an oleophilic (oil attracting) material and create laminar flow ideal for separation of oil and sediment.

Our plate separators operate based on the lamella principle and incorporate design guidelines developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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