How to place an order with Jensen

Jensen Precast’s sales team members are ready to help you navigate your project requirements and place orders for your product – standard or custom.

For personal assistance, you can reach out by calling or emailing one of our locations during business hours to request pricing and place an order. Jensen Precast sales will guide you through the purchasing process, ensuring that no matter what size project you are undertaking, you have the support you need including accurate pricing and availability, take-off assistance, delivery scheduling, and help navigating credit applications and tax exemption needs.

When getting ready to place your order, your sales representative may ask you:

  • to fill out this Job Information Request form.
  • for your quotation number and date
  • desired delivery dates, quantities, and item priority, if applicable.

You can also browse our online selection of standard product and request a quote. We offer the ability to request quotes on all standards, as well as make requests for modifications or even fully-custom solutions using our online quote form. Once your request is submitted, we will route your request to the location nearest your project and you will be contacted by one of Jensen’s sales team members.

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