Box Culvert Fits Wing Walls & Parapets in Napa County

Gasser Drive
Napa, California

NAPA, California, sits in the southern region of Napa County, where award winning wines are made for consumers the world over. In southeast Napa near the city’s downtown district, new construction aims to pair residents with new housing opportunities in the land known for limited vacancies. The Gasser Master Plan adds new apartments, sidewalks, streets, trails, wetlands, shops, parking areas, and more.

Jensen Precast built a concrete crossing structure over a watershed area along the newly extended Gasser Drive in Napa. “Foulk Engineering and the City of Napa were looking for a way to connect field poured wing walls and bridge parapets to the proposed box culvert structure. The Jensen Precast engineering team was able to design a solution that provided the side and top sections of culvert with cast-in threaded dowels. These dowels allowed the field poured wing walls and parapet walls to be structurally tied to the culvert.”

Connecting field poured, or cast in place, structures with precast concrete is an example of Jensen Precast engineers designing a solution to fit a project already in progress. The outcome for the Gasser Drive job was a cost-efficient and deadline-drive way to keep the Gasser Master Plan moving and the City of Napa growing anew.

Product: Precast concrete box culvert 10’W x 6’L x 6’H. Precast concrete slabs 11’3”W x 8’L x 12”H. No. 5 Threaded Dowels. Made in United States.

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