Custom Cover Slab Handles HL-93 Traffic Loads for EV Station

Los Angeles, Calilfornia

What happens when an underground electric vehicle charging station nestled in a narrow alleyway needs a custom cover slab both nimble enough to move for future upgrades and beefy enough to handle HL-93 traffic loads?

They call Jensen Precast.

The AVA Arts District building is a new apartment development in Downton Los Angeles, California. One of the many amenities they offer their tenants is access to an underground parking garage with an electric vehicle charging station.

With the electric vehicle market expected to expand over the next 10 years, the owners wanted the ability to retrofit their property with additional charging stations should the need arise. To accomplish this, they would need an access opening. But the only area to place the access opening would be a narrow alleyway meant for deliveries or emergency service vehicles, also known as super heavy trucks.

Tailor Made Concrete Slab

After contacting Jensen Precast, Brandon Bates, a Project Manager at our Fontana facility specializing in custom projects, worked hand-in-hand with the customer to deliver them a tailor made slab of precast concrete.

“The slab is cast with threads that allow the customer to insert swivel hoist lifting rings,” Bates says. “If they ever have to remove the cover slab, they’ll pop the caps off, put the swivel coil bolts back in, and get a crane to lift the lid.”

Jensen Precast employs a dedicated team of engineers and project managers ready to tackle any custom project potential customers can dream of.

“We can do anything,” says Bates. “We can do different variations of our standard products or something completely custom. If they need a bigger opening in this area, or their height needs to be increased by a few inches here or there, we can do it.”

After engineering and manufacturing a custom slab that fit the building owner’s requirements, there was still one last hurdle to clear: delivery.

“We actually did a job walk beforehand and sent out the flatbed to make sure it can even make it down the road,” Bates says. “It was a tricky location that required some communication with the contractor. The truck and crane had to go down opposite sides of the alley, and the crane had no room to swing left or right.”

If you have a project in need of a custom precast concrete product, contact Jensen Precast. We love a challenge.

Jensen Precast has manufacturing facilities in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Washington. Call us today for your next custom project at 775-352-2700. 

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