Precast Water Storage Vault Tests Fire Engine Equipment

Butte County Fire Station 63
Oroville, California

We all count on first responders to protect us when emergency situations strike our communities. In turn the support personnel we entrust with our lives must count on the best equipment to carry out the difficult work they perform. Firefighters are no exception. These frontline professionals need tools that work optimally under any condition.  

Jensen Precast provides products to advance community preparedness. When Fire Station 63 in Oroville, California, needed an onsite solution to perform tests on fire engine pump systems to maintain proper working order, a precast concrete water storage vault was the perfect match. “We set an 8½’W x 23’L x 16’H vault 16’ deep, including one base, two risers, and one cover slab at Fire Station 63,” says Marshall Hammon, Jensen Precast Orland Inside Sales Representative. “This durable product will help ensure the station’s fire engines are ready to go when needed.”

Fire Station 63 can now draft water from the vault into its fire engines and test the gallons per minute each firehouse releases water based on the fire engine size. The water is returned to the vault to use again, saving both financial and environmental resources.

Product: Precast concrete water storage vault 8½’W x 23’L x 16’H. Made in United States.

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