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Temporary Railing (Type K), also known as K-Rail or Krail, is the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) specification for temporary concrete barrier rail.

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Northern California: (916) 991-8800
Southern California: (909) 429-4111
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Jensen Precast has been manufacturing and renting K-Rail for 23 years. We have four production facilities in California and have been manufacturing precast concrete products since 1967.

Delivery and Off-Loading Available
Also Available: K-Rail Pins
Portable Concrete Barrier (Type 60K) Temporary Railing (Type K)
Temporary Railing (Type K)
32" High-24" Wide at Bottom
10' Section=4,000 lbs
20' Section=8,000 lbs
Portable Concrete Barrier (Type 60K)
36" High-24" Wide at Bottom
13' Long Sections
13' Section=8,342 lbs
Common Non-Highway Uses
  • Security Perimeters
  • Protect Fences
  • Block Off Access
  • Earth Retention
  • Barricade Open Pits
  • Define Roadways & Walkways
  • Contain Rock, Sand
    & Recyclables in Storage Areas
Examples of Used K-Rail
Used Krail is typically stockpiled after a job, then pulled from for sales or rental to various locations K-Rail that has been used on a previous project can be from good condition to poor condition. Good condition Krail typically has little to no damage on corners and end loops. Large quantities of k-rail can be stockpiled in a single location prior to placement on a job Excessive damage to the ends of Krail including corners or end loops generally must be repaired before use on a Caltrans project, but not for non DOT or private use. When paint has been worn off from extended use of k-rail, it must be painted prior to be placed on another Caltrans project. Krail with in too poor condition to be placed on a Caltrans job is perfect for applications such as defining roadways and walkways. Depending on the application, used and new k-rail can be rented or sold with or with out krail pins.
For Inquiries Please Call:
Northern California:
(916) 991-8800

Southern California:
(909) 429-4111
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