Concrete Fence Ups Security for Utility Infrastructure

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Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Sacramento, California

As a city grows, so does its electrical power needs. Current land development projects in the southwest Sacramento County, California, are poised to increase population and customer power demands. To meet the load growth, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is increasing its electric system capacity by constructing new distribution substations and powerlines.

Jensen Precast powered up a new parameter wall for the 17 acre Franklin Substation. “Precast concrete walls are being employed to upgrade security at critical infrastructure locations like substations,” says Bryan Bach, Jensen Precast Vice President of Marketing. “Our StoneTree walls provide a durable, efficient, and affordable method of security for a variety of installations. With a 50 percent reduction in labor requirements versus traditional masonry fences, we offer streamlined method of installation. Plus, these walls are extremely attractive and integrate with existing landscapes.”

At 1,150 linear feet of product, including 178 wall panels, the 10 foot high walls were specified by SMUD as the perfect visual barriers to protect the community aesthetic.

Product: Jensen Precast StoneTree concrete fence wall system. Made in United States.

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