MSG Sphere Installs Airtight Precast Concrete Airduct

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MSG Sphere
Las Vegas, Nevada

For a city that likes to do things on a grand scale, Las Vegas is the perfect place for MSG Sphere. The one of a kind music and entertainment arena built for The Venetian Resort offers unparalleled sights and sounds to 17,500 guests in a sphere shaped music and entertainment venue.

Jensen Precast stepped up to centerstage during the initial construction of the project by providing a massive underground airduct system for the sphere. Instead of using a traditional fiberglass structure, the contractor, Harris Company, decided precast concrete would be faster to produce, better reinforced with steel rebar, and longer lasting with airtight seals.

“It was the impossible ask,” says Tyler Haack, Jensen Precast Vice President of Operations. “The project was complicated with tough pieces to produce. We used multiple Jensen Precast facilities in multiple states. Our engineering, production, and inventory control teams delivered 100 box culvert products in four weeks. It took great communication and teamwork, but we got it done and the customer was pleased.”

Product: Precast concrete box culvert 10’W x 10’H. Made in United States.

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