Box Culvert Boosts Load Bearing Weight for Harbor

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Kapalama Container Terminal

Honolulu, Hawaii

The flow of cargo across the Pacific Ocean to the Hawaiian Islands began more than 3000 years ago. Polynesians in wooden canoes carried plant cuttings and seeds to cultivate food, medicine, and fabric. Today the islands host cargo ships from around the world filled with goods from every industry under the sun.

Jensen Precast landed at Honolulu Harbor on Oahu to provide infrastructure solutions for the new Kapalama Container Terminal, including the utilization of storm drains, sewer drains, and electric utility housing. The hub of incoming freight to the archipelago, Kapalama is the largest capital improvement project in the history of Hawaii’s commercial harbor system.

Building infrastructure to support heavy equipment meant ensuring the underground structures could consistently withstand the weight over the long haul. “The terminal uses cranes and forklifts to move cargo around,” says Jorelle Flint, Jensen Precast Honolulu Project Manager. “Our job included manufacturing 158 box culvert structures designed for special loadings. We produced 20 products a day and delivered them to Kiewit Corporation team, the contractor on the project. These structures represent the highest load bearing weight we’ve ever produced.”

Product: Precast concrete box culvert 7’W x 4’H and 4’W x 3’H. Made in United States.

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