Jensen Precast Awaits ISN Safety Certification - Southern California Edison

Jensen Precast Fontana Branch Qualifies for ISNetWorld Safety Certification with Southern California Edison

Tom Morales All

Jensen Precast’s Fontana Branch recently celebrated the notable achievement of qualifying for an ISNetWorld safety certification with Southern California Edison.

What is the ISNetWorld Safety Certification with Southern California Edison?

ISNetWorld (ISN) is a global leader in contractor and supplier management, supporting more than 500 clients, including Johnson & Johnson and Baker Hughes, to create and maintain safe working environments.

In 2016 ISN added Southern California Edison (SCE) to its roster and in January 2017 began serving as the company’s primary safety information management system. Contractors and subcontractors that perform Safety Tier 1 work with SCE must go through a rigorous and thorough process to prove that their practices are up to par with SCE standards.

Jensen Precast, which delivers products to SCE facilities using boom trucks, received its ISN safety qualification in October 2017, moving it one step closer to earning the certification.

What does it take to become Safety Certified?

One of the requirements for qualification includes filling out a lengthy questionnaire. Suppliers and contractors are also graded in several categories, including: Company’s Safety Culture, Health and Safety Performance, Experience Modifier Factor (ExMod), and Written Safety Programs. They also need to disclose their current Experience Modifier Factor, submit three years’ worth of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) forms, as well as 21 written programs. The programs are extremely detailed and have to be written and submitted in a specific format to meet ISN requirements.

A company must score an A or a B letter grade to be considered in good standing and uphold that standing for at least a year to obtain final certification.

Why is it so important to be Safety Certified with SCE?

Fontana Branch Safety Manager Ruben Gallegos stresses the importance for a contractor to get a passing grade, explaining that failing to do so can cost the company “hundreds of thousands of dollars from dropped contracts with SCE.”

He adds that not only will SCE drop the company from doing business, it will also “notify all the subcontractors that the company is not in good standing and it won’t be able to do business with any sub that works for SCE.”

Gallegos and others at the Fontana Branch were pleased to earn a score of B late last year, qualifying Jensen Precast for certification. In early January of this year, the score was bumped up to an A, reflecting Jensen Precast’s improved performance over the most recent three-year period with OSHA.

The company must maintain its good standing until October 2018 to receive the official certification.