Fast Tracking Culvert Casting

As Southern California continues to undergo an infrastructure building boom, the demand for precast concrete culverts often outpaces manufacturing deliverables. While consistently producing high quality concrete calls for detailed oversight by expert precasters, augmenting the process with automation can accelerate output and enhance methods. 

The Jensen Precast Fontana Branch recently added a state of the art BFS Jumbo system to the mix to boost its production of box culvert. The investment jettisons the branch to the leading edge of the industry. 

“With our box culvert products we needed to increase output to fulfill a growing number of customer orders,” says Tyler Haack, General Manager of the Jensen Precast Fontana Branch. “Our customers use box culvert for everything from transportation infrastructure to underground storage to stormwater management. We needed a bold solution to drive manufacturing to the next level.” 

The BFS Jumbo system streamlines the production process by automating the pouring, pressing, and demolding of the precast concrete structures. Customers are able to order sizes and shapes of box culvert that best suit their projects. 

“We began testing the Jumbo in May of this year after installation,” Haack says. “We adjusted our manufacturing methods to fully incorporate the system into our workflow. Our output has increased considerably, and we’re able to deliver more products to more customers faster.”

Watch our video to see how the system works in real time.

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