Family-Owned Jensen Precast Cements Legacy after 50 Years in Business

Article first published by: Northern Nevada Business Weekly
by Duane Johnson  |  March 23, 2018

SPARKS, Nev. — Jensen Precast has already built a half-century legacy of success. But that doesn’t mean its president, Eric Jensen, is comfortable with the status quo.

“We always want to look to get better,” Jensen said repeatedly during a recent interview with NNBW at the company’s headquarters off of Steneri Way.

Jensen Precast celebrated its 50th anniversary in business on Feb. 14.

The company’s continued progression, Jensen said, extends to practically every aspect of the business, from technology advancements to development of innovative new products to managing Jensen Precast’s roughly 800 employees.

“We’ve been sinking enormous resources, putting in software production and planning processes that make things more efficient for customers,” said Jensen, whose father, Don Jensen, founded the company a half-century ago.

Among its initiatives is to improve manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, which includes implementing lean manufacturing programs, as well as “Six Sigma” programs, to improve the quality of its products and getting them to clients faster.


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