Feature from Concrete Products Magazine: Jensen Precast System Captures Stormwater Regulators’ Attention

Our thanks to Concrete Products Magazine for featuring Jensen Stormwater Systems in its February 2019 issue, discussing the recent certification of the Jensen Deflective Separator (JDS) as a Full Capture System Device for Trash Treatment Control by the California Water Resources Control Board. Here is a snippet from the article:

“The California Water Resources Control Board recently certified the Jensen Deflective Separator (JDS) as a Full Capture System Device for Trash Treatment Control. Certification of the technology from Sparks, Nev.-based Jensen Precast dovetails revised water quality control plans—collectively known as the ‘Trash Amendments’—that the agency adopted in 2015 for drainage infrastructure serving public and private retrofit or new development projects.

‘Our stormwater customers in California will enjoy full compliance with all trash control stormwater regulations at both state and regional levels,’ says Jensen Precast Stormwater Systems Division Manager Walter Stein, P.E. ‘We are helping reduce and, in most cases, eliminate 100 percent of trash discharged from our stormwater drainage systems. We believe performance of the JDS System to capture trash is unmatched.’

Along with requirements to meet certification standards, Jensen Precast engineers provided additional JDS System research findings with their State Water Resources Control Board application, including results of:

  • Full scale and repeatable trash removal efficiency testing;
  • Full scale testing with materials smaller than the required 5-mm particles; and,
  • Scour testing verifying 100 percent retention of previously captured solids during flow bypass events.

Stormwater treatment remains a key research and product development area for Jensen Precast, which continues to commit the necessary resources for system verification and performance tests. ‘No other technology being offered has verified the bypass retention efficiency,’ Stein affirms. ‘Once trash and debris go into a JDS System, they’re not getting out until properly cleaned. Jensen Precast is an innovator in this area of stormwater treatment, providing a proven system superior to all others.'”

You can read the full article here, or download the PDF here.

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