Cleaning Up Reno’s Water Supply

Jensen Water Resources does its part to help keep Reno’s water supply clean. Volunteers teamed up and cleaned up nearly 400 pounds of trash around the Truckee River, which runs from Lake Tahoe through Reno, Nevada. Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB), a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a more sustainable and beautiful region, supplied the trash bags, gloves, and hand grabbers. Jensen Water Resources then got busy doing the cleanup work.

The project was inspired by Thoughtful Thursday, one of the themed days in Jensen Precast’s annual Health Week. Project Manager Cesar Meza wanted to put this ideology into practice. “What better way to be thoughtful than to donate our time to clean up the river,” Meza says.

Starting at Cottonwood Park in Sparks, Nevada, the team walked along the Truckee River bike path picking up any discarded items around the trail and riverbank. The Jensen Water Resources crew collected all the debris, litter, and trash it came across until reaching Glendale Park more than a mile away.

“Since we were a small group, we cleaned up about 1.25 miles from Cottonwood Park to Glendale Park,” Meza explains. “You’d be surprised what people dump, especially so close to a water source. It might not seem like much, but my team found some interesting stuff. We cleaned up a variety of dumped items.”

Among the more memorable items were a steering wheel, bucket seats, a bumper, a fire extinguisher, razor blades, syringes, steel toe shoes, tools, headphones, clothes, a wooden pallet, and hair wigs.


Keeping the Truckee River clean isn’t the only thing Jensen Water Resources is doing to go green. The team is in the process of getting certified as a Tier-One Nevada Green Business through KTMB. Green business practices conserve natural resources and help to keep our air and water quality clean for generations to come. Starting a recycling program and switching to LED light bulbs are some of the eco-friendly steps Jensen Water Resources did to get qualified.

The team at Jensen Water Resources supports environmentally conscious practices not only through their actions but in how their products are used as well. Stormwater treatment products capture and remove 100% of trash and debris from water runoff. Biofiltration systems efficiently remove total suspended solids, metals, nutrients, oil, and grease from stormwater runoff to meet water quality standards as a low impact development best management practice.

For other businesses and individuals looking to get their hands dirty in the cleanup action, join KTMB and the City of Reno with their Adopt-a-Park program. This opportunity enables businesses and local groups to invest in the health and beauty of the community. Groups can choose a park or any public space and conduct at least three cleanups a year. KTMB will provide all the tools and coordinate the trash pickup while the business provides the enthusiastic volunteers. After the second cleanup, KTMB will place a sign acknowledging the group’s commitment to the spot.

Sometimes the best way to make a big difference is by adding up lots of small ones. By working together we can keep the waterways and Reno community clean and safe for generations to come.

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