J-J Hooks to Replace K-Rail

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The California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS) is currently phasing out the use of the K-Rail highway barrier system as it implements updated safety standards from the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH). Responding to the change, Jensen Precast has selected the J-J Hooks highway barrier system to replace K-Rail for customers who need barriers approved by CALTRANS for MASH use. Jensen Precast is a licensed manufacturer of J-J Hooks highway barriers, which are produced in CALTRANS-approved lengths of 12.5 feet and 20 feet. J-J Hooks barriers are licensed through Easi-Set Worldwide, a Smith-Midland Corporation subsidiary. December 31.2019 was the final …

Picking the Perfect Precast Crane

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Picking a new crane for your business is kind of like trying to select the best streaming service for your television setup. The options can be overwhelming, with many features, price points, and extras. As with any big decision, it helps to know what you want when you’re starting the decision making process. Consider the search for the ideal crane. Do you need more reach? Do you need higher lifting capacity? How much payload can you take to your jobsite? These questions and many others become glaring issues when beginning your search. Every industry application has slightly different requirements, be …

New Hires Need Industry Mentors

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Ralph Aragon has seen it many times before. He calls it that “deer in the headlights look” when a new hire arrives for the first day of work. With 18 years in the precast industry, Aragon still remembers the uncertainty he felt when he first walked into a plant.  “It’s nervousness because there’s a lot going on,” says Aragon, Production Trainer and Maintenance Technician for Jensen Precast in Lockeford, California. “A lot of the guys we’re getting now are maybe 18 to 19 years old, and they were either a student or their first job was working at Starbucks or …

Fire Station 63 Gains a 57.5 Ton Vault

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Fire Station 63 in Oroville, California, fields over 2,000 calls a year from residents, businesses, and fellow firefighting units in and around Butte County. When a call comes into the outpost, the community counts on the station crew to be at the ready. The same goes for all the equipment it takes to battle ablaze. Every piece must be counted on to work as hard as every firefighter. Jensen Precast engineered, manufactured, and delivered a 57½ ton concrete vault for Station 63. The under groundwater storage unit measures 8½’W x 23’L x 16’H and was customized to enable routine onsite testing …

Zero Trash Talk in California

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When it comes to talking trash in California, it goes beyond just players messing with one another on and off court. Sometimes the trash talk happens in court. In the late 1990s the Los Angeles River was jammed with so much trash it was spilling into the Pacific Ocean. Leveraging the Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) tool cited in the Clean Water Act, the California State Water Resources Control Board developed a Trash TMDL set at zero for the Los Angeles River Watershed. Backed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the TMDL could be applied countywide. Twenty-two cities sued to stop …

Jensen Precast Improves Delivery with Novacura

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Jensen Precast optimized its proof-of-delivery process and enabled data-driven decisions with the automation of truck scheduling dispatch, product delivery, and mobile accessibility for drivers. Over 50 years ago, Jensen Precast started as a one-person operation and has since grown into one of the largest independently owned precast concrete companies in the United States. As the company expanded in size and reputation, so did its desire to maximize operational efficiency. One of the first areas, Jensen Precast was looking to overcome was the ability to dispatch and gather proof-of-delivery documentation through a mobile application. Read the full article here.