Pump Stations: Inlet Considerations

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The job of the inlet is to convey the liquid from the inlet pipe to the impeller entrance in a fashion that imposes minimal loss, and creates the most uniform velocity profile at the impeller entrance. Therefore, the ideal inlet geometry is a straight pipe entrance with a slight taper from the pipe flange to the impeller eye. The taper slightly increases the velocity and tends to stabilize the fluid streamlines prior to the impeller. All curved inlets cause at least a minor penalty and in some cases a major efficiency penalty. This includes straight inlets with an elbow attached …

Ask an Engineer: Stormwater Water Treatment Units

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A new series from Jensen Precast and its Water Resources Division, Ask an Engineer touches upon complicated topics and queries that have been asked of our Engineering Team members. Much like a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, Ask an Engineer will address questions that our Engineers face more often than other inquiries. This Ask an Engineer session is with our Stormwater Systems Division Director, Walt Stein P.E., who answers this common question about Stormwater Treatment Units: How do you keep a stormwater full capture device from filling up? Watch this video to hear Walt’s question, or read below for his …

Blue Skies and Dirt

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Project Lifecycle Day 5: When you build a beautiful precast concrete structure for a massive underground project, does it hurt to watch your work covered up in dirt? As phase one of the 307’ x 180’ x 12’ Lakewood Stormwater and Runoff Capture Project comes to a close in Southern California, phase two has already been excavated, and the dug-up dirt from phase two is used to cover up phase one. Good use of resources, eh? No one’s singing the “Subterranean Precast Blues” in Lakewood. When your work goes undercover of dirt it means you’re in the homestretch. Only blue skies …

Update: California Wildfire Relief Efforts from Jensen Community Engagement Team

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Update from the Jensen Community Engagement Team: Responding to the devastation from the recent California Wildfires, Jensen Precast employees generously donated via the American Red Cross to help those affected by the 2018 disaster. These donations were then matched by Jensen Precast. Collectively we raised a total of $5,690 for California Wildfire Relief Efforts. For an update on the Red Cross response to the wildfires, click here Red Cross 2018 California Wildfire Relief Information.

Feature from Concrete Products Magazine: Jensen Precast System Captures Stormwater Regulators’ Attention

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Our thanks to Concrete Products Magazine for featuring Jensen Stormwater Systems in its February 2019 issue, discussing the recent certification of the Jensen Deflective Separator (JDS) as a Full Capture System Device for Trash Treatment Control by the California Water Resources Control Board. Here is a snippet from the article: “The California Water Resources Control Board recently certified the Jensen Deflective Separator (JDS) as a Full Capture System Device for Trash Treatment Control. Certification of the technology from Sparks, Nev.-based Jensen Precast dovetails revised water quality control plans—collectively known as the ‘Trash Amendments’—that the agency adopted in 2015 for drainage …