Now Providing Concrete, Fiberglass, and Metal Products to Electric Utility Companies

Jensen Precast has acquired ProGlass Incorporated, a manufacturer of utility fiberglass products based in Shelton, Washington. The acquisition expands Jensen’s suite of products engineered specifically for the electric utility market.

Jensen Precast has been providing quality products to electric utility companies since the 1970s, including precast concrete vaults, polymer concrete handholes, and metal fabricated access hatches. ProGlass was founded in 1990 in Gig Harbor, Washington, by electrical contractor Jim Holland, who observed a high demand for fiberglass products in the electric utility industry.

“From the early days at Jensen Precast, we have strived to build products that work well for electric utility companies, often collaborating with them to get the exact designs needed for their precise applications,” says Eric Jensen, Chief Executive Officer of Jensen Precast. “Now with the purchase of ProGlass, we are continuing to invest in getting electric utility customers the products they need to conduct their businesses efficiently and effectively.”

ProGlass specializes in building lightweight fiberglass products that are easy to handle and install while maintaining lasting durability. Resistant to the adverse effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and the atmosphere’s corrosive elements, ProGlass products are made with marine grade gelcoat to ensure structural strength under challenging conditions. Like precast concrete, fiberglass is nonconductive, making it a safe choice for electric utilities.

“Our electric utility customers will have even more favorable choices for their equipment needs,” says Sanna Schlosser, Jensen Precast Utility Product Manager. “We can now fit fiberglass covers onto precast concrete utility trenches and gain advantages for our customers both at grade level and underground without having to source another supplier.”

Along with fiberglass trench covers, ProGlass manufactures transformer pads, box pads, switchgear box pads, ground sleeves, splice boxes, looping enclosures, and other products made for the electric utility industry. The company works with utilities and municipalities across the United States.

“ProGlass products complement Jensen Precast products well,” says Tim Bruhn, who joined ProGlass in 2013 and remains General Manager of the facility. “We have a good product, and we’re pleased that Jensen Precast is ready to leverage it for even better customer value.”

For more information about ProGlass products, contact Utility Product Manager Sanna Schlosser by calling (775) 352-6305.


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