Jensen Precast Water Meter Boxes are manufactured to the same high standards that our customers have come to expect from Jensen Precast. Our non-traffic handholes and meter boxes have several features unique to Jensen Precast.

Ease Of Installation

  • Lift Holes

Lift Holes located on each end of utility boxes.

Lift holes are built into every electric and water utility handhole and meter box in the Jensen Precast non-traffic line. Inserts snapped onto each end of the protective Polypropylene ring are encased in concrete during the manufacturing process providing strength and durability for lifting. This patent pending feature, exclusive to Jensen Precast, is unprecedented in the industry.

Specially designed pins attach to chains which can then be connected to any lifting device making handling and installation quick and effortless.

Safety And Security

Direct Bolt Down feature.

  • Direct Bolt Down Brackets

Direct bolt down brackets are formed into two inside corners of the protective Polypropylene ring. Standard snap-in-place clips and nuts are pre-installed during the manufacturing process for bolt down applications.

  • LockLid™ Locking Security Lids

Lock Lids.

LockLid Secure Utility Enclosure Lids are specifically designed to deter theft from utility handholes and pull boxes. Exclusive to Jensen MetalTech, a division of Jensen Precast, the patent pending design securely locks the lid into place with the use of a unique security bolt. A special key, available only through Jensen Precast, is necessary to lock and unlock the lid. The lift holes are smaller than typical lift holes and designed to close when the lid is locked into place adding another line of defense as it provides no access for pry bars.

Lock Lid Pick Hole.

Safety Features are built into each LockLid Secure Utility Enclosure Lid. With self-sealing pick holes, bees cannot enter the handhole through the pick holes once the lid is locked into place. Each LockLid is also equipped with a grounding lug.

LockLid Secure Utility Enclosure Lids are available in a variety of standard Jensen Precast non-traffic handhole sizes. They are also designed to retrofit into other manufacturers standard size pull boxes. Custom sizes are available as well.

LockLid Secure Utility Enclosure Lids come in TraxPlate® Slip Resistant Surface, diamond plate, or smooth steel or aluminum.  They can be galvanized, painted, or left raw. Markings are also available.

  • Slip Resistant Surface Lids And Covers

Trax Plate Slip-Resistant Surface.

Along with reinforced concrete lids and steel covers, Jensen Precast also offers TraxPlate Slip Resistant Surface. Exclusive to Jensen MetalTech, TraxPlate is a patented process for creating a slip resistant surface on steel and aluminum lids, covers, plates, flooring, ladders, catwalks, or anywhere a truly slip resistant surface is desired. Unlike spray-on coatings, TraxPlate is a thermally bonded slip resistant metallic surface that binds mechanically to the base material. The use of special additives in the bonding material affects the properties of the surface making it harder and more wear resistant than the base material. Wet or dry, TraxPlate provides an added measure of safety in situations where slip and fall accidents are of concern. 

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