Rainwater collection is becoming more wide-spread in communities throughout North America. In areas that recieve little rainfall throughout the year, many residential and commercial property owners are capturing storm water runoff with rainwater collection systems to irrigate landscapes, and offset rising water costs.

Many areas of the world still rely on rainwater as their primary source of water.  Also, in many communities that utilize their water needs through public means, many businesses and homeowners are utilizing rainwater collection systems to save money and ensure protection from droughts or inadequate rainfall/snowfall.

Some other uses of a Rainwater collection system are to reuse other water sources such as grey water being expelled from showers, washing machines, etc.

The most common Rainwater Collection Systems today are designed to capture the bulk of water from roofs of houses or other buildings.  It is transported from the large mass area into a filtering sytem such as gutters or pipes.  These lead into storage in holding tanks or cisterns for distribution as needed. 

The components needed for a standard Rainwater Collection System are as follows:

- Collection (roof)
- Conveyance (gutters, pipes, etc.)
- Filter
- Tank/Cistern
- Distribution

Jensen Precast is teaming up with companies such as as Rain BirdTM to provide customers complete Rainwater Collection Systems customizable to their particular needs. 

Jensen Precast manufactures Rain Water Collection Tanks/Cisterns at all of our facilities. Tank sizes will vary depending on your specific water-usage needs. Please contact us for more information.

Why should you choose Jensen Precast when designing a rainwater collection system?

Unlimited Storage Capacity- Jensen Precast Rainwater Collection Tanks are available for any capacity needed.  Our production standards make it possible for us to make a Rainwater Collection Tank for any application imaginable.

Design Assistance -

  • Fully-staffed engineering department with 130+ years precast concrete engineering design.
  • Complete design experience with ASTM, AASHTO, ACI, Cal Trans, FAA, AREMA & Cooper E80.
  • Reduces project costs and saves time on the project schedule.

Fast Delivery and Installation

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