Thank you, from Don Jensen
Thank you, from Don Jensen
50 Years and Counting
50 Years and Counting, from Eric Jensen

From 1968-2018: Jensen Precast's Past, Present and Future

The number 50 is commonly looked at as “half”: half of one hundred, or half of anything in general, i.e. 50%. For us at Jensen Precast, we see 50 years as many things: as a great accomplishment, as an education many times over, and as the beginning to the next fifty years serving our customers with precast solutions in 22 product categories and counting. Our past is the legacy of a family-owned business, one filled with growth and progress. Our present is focused on bringing the business into the digital age of operations while ensuring the legacy of service is still a continued motivation. Our future is being built on the solid foundation of our legacy, and our ongoing commitment to our customers, our business partners, and our employees, all of whom we cherish, knowing we couldn’t continue the growth we have without them.

From 1968 - 2018: A Timeline

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