Concrete Trellis Systems.
For Your Best Harvest.

Increase the durability and sustainability of your vineyard, orchard, hop yard, or nut farm with prestressed concrete trellising posts.


Vineyard growers face recurring maintenance and labor costs related to replacing and repairing trellis systems.

Harvest Pillar presents a better trellis system resistant to the pests, diseases, rust, and toxins often affecting wood and steel setups.

Nut farm growers know trees require precise training and positioning as well as easy access during harvesting.

Harvest Pillar offers robust support for mechanical stresses caused by wind, heavy crops, and equipment. Enable better airflow while avoiding diseases.

Orchard growers need strong trellis systems to support high density yields and complex shade canopies.

Harvest Pillar trellis posts are made of highly durable prestressed concrete. It lasts longer than wood and steel combined.

Hop yard growers seek to minimize the risk of trellis fungal diseases while keeping pests and insects at bay.

Harvest Pillar concrete trellis posts are more environmentally sustainable by reducing the use of resources versus wooden and steel systems.

Canopies, Fenceposts & Solar Panels

Concrete posts can support a variety of demanding structural needs. Orchard canopies, fencing setups, and solar systems are perfect applications.

Harvest Pillar concrete products are designed for holding up heavy structures without breaking down over time.


  • Weather Proof


    Warps, cracks, and rots due to recurring weather events annually.


    Bends, corrodes, and rusts when subject to moisture over time.


    Withstands most weather conditions with little impact for decades.
  • Pest / Disease Resistant


    Subject to repeated insect infestation, fungal growth, and mold invasion.


    Generally pest resistant, but conducive to microbial growth when rust forms.


    Inhospitable to pests and immune to fungi, molds, and bacteria.
  • Environmental Impact


    Repeated replacement can contribute to deforestation and habitat loss.


    Production involves significant energy consumption and emissions.


    Lower likelihood of contributing to environmental concerns like deforestation and mining.
  • Maintenance and Longevity


    Ongoing maintenance required along with eventual breakdown and replacement.


    Needs to be examined regularly for strength and prone to rust and corrosion over time.


    Virtually maintenance free and structural integrity remains durable for decades.


Durable Posts. Sized for Growth.

We offer a variety of Harvest Pillar products for all your trellising needs. Our posts come in sizes ranging from 6' to 24' high and 3" to 5" in width.

Post Size Vineyard Orchard Nut Farm Hop Yard Spec Sheet
3" x 3" Download
4" x 4" Download
4" x 5" Download

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