A Better Way to Trellis

Sometimes you need to shake things up to bring the cost of business down. For vineyards, orchards, hop yards, and nut farms, it’s Harvest Pillar — prestressed concrete trellis posts.

What Can Harvest Pillar Do for Your Crops?

Withstands all weather

Saves you money.
Every season.

Trellis systems can cost you a small fortune to maintain. Stop repairing and start replacing with Harvest Pillar posts.

Saves on repairs

Keeps the pests away.
Every time.

Harvest Pillar does not attract pests and diseases like wood posts. And they don't rust like steel. Make your harvests more fruitful with concrete trellis posts.

Keeps the pests away

Withstands all weather.
Every day.

Concrete lasts ten times as long as wood and steel combined. Weather the elements with durable high quality prestressed concrete posts from Harvest Pillar.

See Harvest Pillar In Action

Filmed on location at Lucchesi Vineyards & Winery in Grass Valley, California.

Discover the Benefits of Concrete Trellis Posts

Why Concrete?

Concrete is made of cement, gravel, sand, water, and air. It’s a simple mixture that stands the test of time. After water, concrete is the most widely used substance on Earth. Why? Because it’s durable.

Prestressed Flexibility

Our trellis posts are made of prestressed concrete. We encase steel tendons right into the concrete mixture. It’s a design engineered to be both durable and flexible for maximum shakeability.

Filmed on location at Jensen Precast in Kingsburg, California.

Withstands Mechanical Harvesting

Trellis posts made with prestressed concrete are ideal for mechanical harvesting. Flexible enough to shake them. Durable enough not to break them.

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