Sewage Grinder Systems

Protect Your Pump Station and Avoid Clogged Sewer Lines

With slow speed, high torque, and dual shaft design, municipal grade sewage grinder vaults augment pump stations to enable shredding of heavy to light solids such as wet wipes, paper towels, disinfecting cloths, plastics, and other long stranded or fibrous materials. Macerators can also be used for fish, meat, and poultry processing. Use an industrial grade sewage grinder to macerate food solids with high performance cutters designed to keep pumps and pipes flowing smoothly. Jensen Precast packaged sewage grinder vaults feature high quality precast concrete coupled with top of the line sewage grinders for an easy to install solution. Inline sewage grinder models feature flow rates from 65 gpm to 2500 gpm. Open channel macerators offer flow rates up to 700 gpm. Custom designed sewage grinder vaults for any size project are also available.


Configure Product and Download Drawings

Model Sewage Grinder Type Download Drawings
48-OC-G Open Channel 48-OC-G 48-OC-G
272-DV-WG Wall Mount 272-DV-WG 272-DV-WG
384-DV-WG Wall Mount 384-DV-WG 384-DV-WG
496-DV-WG Wall Mount 496-DV-WG 496-DV-WG
6120-DV-WG Wall Mount 6120-DV-WG 6120-DV-WG
34878-IL-BP Inline Bypass 34878-IL-BP 34878-IL-BP
44878-IL-BP Inline Bypass 44878-IL-BP 44878-IL-BP
64878-IL-BP Inline Bypass 64878-IL-BP 64878-IL-BP

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How It Works

  1. Wastewater flows via gravity from a residential, business, or municipal source through underground pipes into the pump station wet well-positioned at a lower elevation.
  2. To protect downstream pump stations and other critical civil infrastructure, sewage grinder vaults serve as the onsite solution for reducing larger solids and wipes down to consistently passable sizes, thereby extending the life and maintenance cycles of all downstream equipment.
  3. When solids encounter an inline, open channel or wall-mounted dual shaft sewage grinder, the serrated cutting teeth pull the solids into the machine and quickly reduce the size of the solids (macerate) to a passable level by all downstream equipment.
  4. When the sewage grinder encounters an impassable object, such as large metal waste or rocks, the grinder automatically reverses direction, kicking the solid back toward a rock trap where it can be collected later during a maintenance checkup on the system.
  5. The macerated solids then continue down the main sewer system, passing through all critical downstream infrastructure. Sewage grinders provide owners and operators peace of mind that their underground sewer system will continue operating smoothly for years to come.




  • Correctional facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Hospice centers
  • Military bases
  • Schools
  • Public facilities
  • Police and fire stations


  • Subdivisions
  • Condominiums
  • Apartments


  • Manufacturing plants
  • Livestock processors
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Agriculture facilities
  • Fisheries


  • Shopping malls
  • Technology campuses
  • Business parks