Biofiltration Systems

StormVault Biofiltration - High Performance, Low Impact Development Solutions for Urban Areas

The StormVault Biofiltration System is a simple and highly versatile stormwater treatment solution. Through physical and chemical filtration, adsorption, and biological processes, StormVault Biofiltration efficiently removes total suspended solids, metals, nutrients, oil, and grease from stormwater runoff to meet water quality standards as a low impact development best management practice. With specially engineered filter media, the biofiltration system can treat higher flows than conventional units, allowing for a smaller footprint size and lower overall costs. Standard configurations include planter boxes, tree boxes, tree wells, and underground vaults. All configurations can be deployed with a traditional closed bottom or an open bottom to allow infiltration and promote groundwater recharge. Units can be supplied for inline, open grate, or curb inlet applications.


Configure Product and Download Drawings

Treatment Flow Rate (cfs)
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0.067 SVBF3x5 SVBF3x5
0.071 SVBF4x4 SVBF4x4
0.116 SVBF4x6.5 SVBF4x6.5
0.170 SVBF4.5x8.5 SVBF4.5x8.5
0.111 SVBF5x5 SVBF5x5
0.234 SVBF5x10.5 SVBF5x10.5
0.160 SVBF6x6 SVBF6x6
0.214 SVBF6x8 SVBF6x8
0.321 SVBF6x12 SVBF6x12
0.401 SVBF6x15 SVBF6x15
0.285 SVBF8x8 SVBF8x8
0.357 SVBF8x10 SVBF8x10
0.570 SVBF8x16 SVBF8x16
0.891 SVBF10x20 SVBF10x20

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How It Works

Biofiltration System Components

  1.  Inlet –  Inlet configurations include grated, piped, direct curb inlet and curb inlet chamber
  2. Internal Bypass Pipe – Conveys excess flow past the treatment chamber. Note: External Bypass configurations available
  3. Mulch Stabilization Layer – Captures large trash and debris, protects media from scour and retains water for vegetation
  4. Engineered Media – Inorganic components remove TSS and metal. Organic components remove nutrients and facilitate biological uptake, which supports plant life
  5. Bridging Stone – Allows for even drainage and protects the effluent pipe from clogging
  6. Perforated Underdrain Pipe – Conveys treated flow to storm drain systems


Water Quality

  • Low impact development and green infrastructure
  • High pollutant removal requirements
  • Standalone treatment unit
  • Component of a treatment train
  • Pretreatment for detention, infiltration, or retention

Project Type

  • New construction and urban retrofits
  • Industrial sites
  • Residential
  • Streetscapes
  • Parking lots
  • Commercial
  • Mixed-use


Agency Certifications and Approvals



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• Receive site specific
configurations and drawings
to meet required treatment
flow rates and removal
• Utilize high surface loading
rates to shrink treatment
footprint and save valuable
development land.
• Deploy with open bottom
to promote infiltration and
groundwater recharge.


• Complete your bid with efficiency
leveraging our experience with
state and municipal regulations.
• Receive proposal for complete
package direct from the
• Select from standard models of
vaults and trenches for a wide
variety of widths and lengths.
Customized configurations also


• Install with ease using a system
deployed in modular precast concrete
vaults and trenches configured to meet
site specific requirements
• Enhance site aesthetics with options for
open-top vegetated treatment vaults.
• Plant a wider selection of species using
a biofiltration unit with a separate tree
well to promote longer and healthier
plant life.
• Configured using site specific
conditions to match existing pipe
elevations and streetscapes.