Best Management Practices
for Industrial Sites

Are you or your clients facing obstacles to complying with industrial stormwater requirements?

The 2018 Amended Statewide Industrial General Storm Water Permit makes it harder for industrial sites to comply.

Take advantage of new compliance options that incentivize stormwater capture and use. Our team of engineers will review your site challenges and help formulate an implementation plan for your industrial discharge site.

  • Implement Capture and Use BMPs designed to meet the 2018 amendment, Attachment I requirements.
  • Utilize Capture and Infiltrate BMPs that incorporate biofiltration and demonstrate compliance with groundwater monitoring.
  • Employ tried and true methods to meet the typical Waste Discharge Requirements from the 2014 Statewide Industrial General Permit.

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A catch basin at an Industrial General Permit Site in Southern California is protected with wattle designed to remove sediment from stormwater runnoff and absorb oil.
A catch basin at an Industrial General Permit Site in Southern California is protected with wattle designed to remove sediment from stormwater runnoff and absorb oil.

Coalescing Separators

Coalescing plate separators can be used as part of a treatment train on an industrial site to target fine solids separation and capture oil and grease. Our coalescing interceptors are designed for the long term ease of maintenance and cost considerations of owner operators.


Biofiltration Systems

Engineered bio-soil media  is used to remove total suspended solids, metals, nutrients, oil, and grease from stormwater runoff and meet water quality standards. Our specially designed and tested media mix treats higher flows than conventional biofiltration units, allowing for a smaller footprint size and lower overall costs. For industrial applications the biofiltration media is deployed in an underground vault or media can be added to exiting infrastructure to remove target pollutants. The system can be configured with an open bottom to allow infiltration and promote groundwater recharge. Units can be supplied for inline, open grate, or curb inlet applications.

Stormwater Interceptor

Sedimentation Systems

Jensen Precast high-velocity stormwater interceptors (JPHVs) have a solid history of innovative, cost-effective stormwater pollution control. JPHVs are designed to capture and retain sediment, trash, oil, and grease found on streets, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces. These versatile interceptors can be configured inline or offline, with or without bypass, providing for ultimate flexibility.

California animal nutrition facility

Jensen Water Resources worked with an IGP holder in French Camp, CA to design and supply a treatment train deployed with coalescing and filter treatment systems. 

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Jensen Detention Reservoir Captures Stormwater Runoff

Jensen Deflective Separator Pretreats Stormwater Runoff

New Software Company Campus Lands 16′ Manholes

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