Jensen Engineered Systems has submersible pumps for all types of water & wastewater applications for submersible package pump stations and lift stations. Our wide hydraulic capabilities (along with an extensive product line including grinder, chopper, non-clog, submersible, and dry pit pumps) allows Jensen Engineered Systems to aid in the selection to find the most efficient and reliable pump for your project.

HOMA Submersible water and wastewater pumps operate worldwide in numerous domestic, municipal and industrial applications. Over 60 years of experience the design and manufacturing of submersible pumps, plus uncompromising attention to quality with ISO9001 compliance, ensure the utmost reliability and long service life of all HOMA products.

By combining the highest quality materials in an efficient and robust design, HOMA optimizes service life while reducing cost of ownership. Premium Motor efficiencies and optimized hydraulic components minimize clogging and maximize overall efficiency. Additional reliability is assured with a wide range of automated pump monitoring options. Shaft seal condition, motore and bearing temperature, moisture detection and vibration can be monitored with results automatically transferred to various monitors or alarm systems.

Pumps are available in various configurations from a wide range of products that can be designed specifically for any demanding application or installation. With three different hydraulic configurations, six motor speeds, wet pit and dry pit cooling options, fully trimmable impellers and multiple mounting configurations, HOMA has the pump for your application.