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Remove 100% of Trash and Debris

Meet Full Trash Capture Requirements and Install California Certified Stormwater Treatment Systems

Keep projects on track with 2020-21 compliance milestones to avoid delays and reach new trash implementation requirements.

California engineers and contractors depend on Jensen Water Resources to deliver stormwater treatment systems that meet certification, timeline, location, and budget criteria. Our team will be available at the CASQA 2020 Virtual Conference to discuss your project needs.

Certified full trash capture devices:

  • Support trash control implementation requirements and compliance milestones for Trash Amendments  
  • Remove 100% of trash and debris 5 mm or greater
  • Capture total suspended solids (TSS), oil, grease, and other total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH)
  • Treat large flow ranges from 0.7 to 102 CFS with inline and offline units 

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The Jensen Deflective Separator is approved in California as a Full Capture System Device for Trash Treatment Control. Dual units were deployed inside two 16' precast concrete structures for Los Cerritos Channel Sub-Basin 4 Stormwater Capture Facility in Long Beach.

Hydrodynamic Separators

Screen trash and debris including floatables, and both neutrally and negatively buoyant materials, from stormwater, all without blocking the screen. With no moving parts, the Jensen Deflective Separator captures TSS, oil, grease, and other TPH pollutants from stormwater runoff. Captured pollutants are retained without scouring, even under high flow bypass conditions.

Jensen Deflective Separator, a hydrodynamic separator


Dry weather runoff and first flush stormwater flows pollute a Southern California watershed. Affected cities collaborate on a comprehensive solution provided by Jensen Water Resources.

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Jensen Detention Reservoir Captures Stormwater Runoff

Jensen Deflective Separator Pretreats Stormwater Runoff

New Software Company Campus Lands 16′ Manholes

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