Our division manager recently had the opportunity to present an eShowcase webcast for the Water Environment Federation (WEF). The discussion focused on the effect that nondispersible wipes have on submersible sewage pump stations and what steps designers can take to overcome these challenges. The specific challenges that wipes present for pump stations include:

  1. Effects on submersible pumps (ragging, shaft deflection)
  2. Effects on level detection (electrical shorts, float failure)
  3. Collection of debris & Fats/Oils/Grease (FOG) layer

Each challenge has its own unique solution, or combination of solutions. By understanding the challenges that each unique pump station application presents and pairing the appropriate solution, designers can increase the life-cycle of the station as well as reduce maintenance costs. Some of the solutions discussed in the webcast include:

  1. Utilizing sewage grinders or augers to reduce/remove debris
  2. Restraining pump impellers from lateral shaft deflection
  3. Utilizing pressure transducers as standard level detection with two fiber optic floats as back-up
  4. Reduction of debris and FOG using mixers, drop bowl’s, sloped basins, and clean out cycles

JWC_logo_webcastThe second half of the webcast was presented by our friends at JWC Environmental. Their discussion centered on how to retro-fit an existing pump station with a Muffin Monster or a Vertical Auger Monster. If you are unfamiliar with JWC Environmental and their products, you can learn more about their company by clicking here.

If you need help designing a pump station to be wipes ready, contact us today! (click here)