Redi-Rock® Wall Systems
Jensen Precast is a licensed manufacturer of Redi-Rock large block walls. Redi-Rock was the first and continues to be the leading innovator in the large block retaining wall industry in North America. With the Redi-Rock product, Jensen Precast offers coordinating solutions for retaining walls, freestanding walls, steps, and columns with the "Essence of Natural Rock" look.
Redi-Rock® Retaining Walls
Naturally textured Redi-Rock wall blocks are made from architectural grade precast concrete which creates durable retaining walls that will maintain their beauty and function for the long term.

The Redi-Rock retaining wall system harnesses the power of gravity to build tall walls that often don't require reinforcement. How tall? It's common for Redi-Rock gravity walls to reach heights of 15 ft. In certain soil conditions, Redi-Rock walls can be engineered up to 24 ft. without reinforcement. Each massive precast concrete block weighs over a ton and stacks like giant Lego® blocks to create walls with the look and essence of natural rock. You can build even taller retaining walls using Redi-Rock's patented geoconnector, and the new Positive Connection (PC) System.
Redi-Rock® Freestanding Walls
When you choose Redi-Rock freestanding walls, you give your project a high-end, natural stone look for planter boxes, dumpster enclosures, benches, seat walls, or guard rails at a significant cost savings over natural stone. The weight of the wall makes it a durable, substantial wall that will stand the test of time.
Redi-Rock® Columns
Redi-Rock Columns coordinate with Redi-Rock Retaining or Freestanding walls to create a timeless look. Whether you need columns for a park, residential landscaping, business signs, or to use as an anchor for fencing, Redi-Rock Columns are an attractive and durable choice that's easy to install.
For your next project, go with Jensen Precast and the leader in retaining wall innovation - Redi-Rock.