When the FOG Clears

As today’s restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other commercial locations cater to an ever-growing population, so do the systems that treat and transfer the wastewater these businesses generate. The demand is greater than ever for pretreatment devices that protect sewer lines and prevent blockages and sanitary overflows by removing fat, oil, grease, and grit (FOG). Those involved in the effort to maintain our sewer systems must look to robust devices that can stand up to the task.

Precast concrete interceptors, separators, and their related appurtenances offer the best choice for engineers, contractors, and communities seeking FOG solutions. Here are the top features to look for when selecting a manufacturer.

  • How big or small is your installation? Does it have specific loading or deep bury demands? Choose a company that offers the greatest range of sizes and experienced engineers to ensure you have the right product for your needs.
  • What regulatory requirements must your project meet? Can you guarantee your work for decades to come? Purchase products already agency approved, certified by industry standards, and guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • How long has the precast manufacturer been designing, engineering, and delivering interceptors and separators? What kind of ongoing industry research is being conducted? Go with a leader in setting standards for the products you buy.

Jensen Precast has 40+ years of experience in providing precast concrete interceptors and separators. We offer the smallest and largest solutions in the industry and customers who want to  maintain clean sewer lines for regulatory, public health, and operative reasons. It’s why Jensen Precast is the standard for wastewater applications.

Download the Jensen Precast Interceptors & Separators brochure here.

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